Our EMR & PM system is designed with providers in mind, from ground up, as it is designed by clinicians. Our EMR design is original, unlike our competition, we design original technology, created by original thinkers. Therefore we have created a robust, out of the box, EMR & PM system.

Our EMR is designed for Ambulatory practice for Primary care, single specialty, Small or large single or multi specialty group and urgent care centers.

Among many here rae few of the EMR features which are very useful to clinicians but they are lacking in many of other EMRs:

  • Mid level Supervisor View:
  • Opioid Manager:
  • Weight loss module:
  • Chronic Care management module:
  • Minimum clicks leading to maximal data entry in EMR hence increasing functionality of EMR
  • Multiple ways of provider to Enter Data in EMR namely
  1. voice recognition,
  2. Hand writing recognition,
  3. Smart phrases, typing,
  4. Pre written templates insertion,
  5. Audio recording & later transcription.
  6. Direct import of pictures of physical exam into EMR
  7. Drawing board: Where the clinician can draw picture inside the physical exam
  8. Multiple specialty based EMR templates for chief complaints, Physical exams, review of system and plans
  •  Internal Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Pain management
  • Allergy & immunology
  • Podiatry
  • Nephrology
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology

9. Business intelligence with various reports specifically designed for medical practices

10. Most forms are digital so patient can sign all forms on tablet.

11. Patient self Entry module

12. Patient Portal

13. automated organic social media marketing through EMR

14. Automated Call remenider

15. text messages for patient in Waiting room or parking lot to come to see doctor in exam room

16. Walk in provider module

17. Transit orders: intense tracking of providers order from start to finish in each stage to monitor progress of orders.

18. Lab review & radiology review module before data is put into chart

19; Authorization module

20: Referral module

21: Audit module

22: Revenue manager

23: Robust report system with machine learning built into business intelligence.

24: Form mamanger

25: Built in Fax.

26: Integrates with any scanner system

27: Since it is browser based, it will work with any workstation capable of browsing net.

28: Compatible with windows, Android, IOS and other operating system

29: If you use server in house, our server use LINUX operating system hence saving you huge cost in server hardware cost as you don’t have to buy windows operating system.

31: Patent pending 3 D patient data viewing in augmented reality with partnership with Microsoft hololens

32: 3 D MD: A partial semi 3 D view of patient data view able without use of Holens as well.

33. Robust Document Management system

34: Fully certified by ONC & HIPAA compliant