Ebiometronics is a unique medical billing company that is well-known for its exceptional services. At Ebiometronics we always focus on the quality of services that we provide to our clients to gain the maximum revenue for our clients as soon as possible. We believe in merging the Digital technology with health care industry and reform our practices with time to provide most appropriate and reliable medical billing services to our clients.

Ebiometronics is working in this field from several years and we ensure the guaranteed results that no other providers of medical billing services can match. Our process of complete billing is fully transparent to clients so that they can review each process level any time. We have our own medical billing software that is ONC-ATCB certified. We work on a proper strategy and work model to provide complete revenue cycle management with improved cash flow. Our main concern is always our clients and their patients. We use extraordinary process and technologies that eliminates the chances of errors that generally comes through the system.

At Ebiometronics we have an incredible team that works together for each level of medical billing that are highly qualified and experienced in this field. They do the right job at right time in right way. Ebiometronics works for pure customer satisfaction. Call Ebiometronics today to see how we can help you in improving your revenue and cash flow.

EBIO-METRONICS and its users strongly believe, it is not just an organization, but a culture and a life style. EBIO-METRONICS is very proud of its employees and users, which are truly part of so called EBIO-METRONICS family. This family is growing at a rapid pace and in many part of the country it has out grown its competitors with a wide margin.

The unique advantages of EBIO-METRONICS over the other EMR companies is that it has not only its own EMR but also has its own Medical transcription and Medical billing services. .

EBIO-METRONICS EMR & PM system is ideal for practices of all sizes. Its EMR/PM solution has been deployed among hundreds of providers in many states. EBIO-METRONICS customers are physicians in primary care practices as well as nearly every specialty and are experiencing benefits from EBIO-METRONICS EMR/PM system.