Electronic Health Record System:
Ebio-Metronics offers fully-integrated electronic medical record system (EMR) that automates the clinical and billing operations of a healthcare organization, and stores digital medical data such as patients’ medical histories, test results, tracking patient demographics, medications, SOAP notes and more.

At Ebio-Metronics, client satisfaction is our prime concern. And to make it possible, we provide customized solutions to our clients with complete and undivided attention. Considering the sensitive nature of the information, patient privacy and HIPAA compliance, we have robust IT security systems, and follow standard security measures.

Medical billing:
Over the years, we have achieved market credibility and enduring relationship with our clients. Our innovative approaches, cutting-edge solutions and quality services mark distinction to our portfolio, and set us apart from competitors. Right from AR management to claims management, patient scheduling to payment posting and auditing, we offer highly customized EMR (electronic health record) and medical billing solutions. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective medical billing solution, the Ebio-Metronics is a one stop destination for you.
At Ebio-Metronics, we are proud of our IT capabilities and customized medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions. Our team of certified billing and coding professionals is committed to deliver accurate billing and on-time payment. Our end-to-end medical billing solutions in yuma and overseas have resulted into financial gains for our clients, and helped them excel in healthcare industry.

Consulting an electronic health record specialist or medical billing outsourcing company makes a lot of sense to your business when there is steep complexity in billing procedure. For ensuring prompt and flawless collection of data, review and submission of all payments, we rely on electronic medical billing software, which has been developed to optimize revenue performance and satisfy all kind of billing needs. A good billing service helps you in achieving highest reimbursement rate for carriers, accurate claim submissions, utilization of efficient procedures and policies to reduce cycle time and review of denials for precision.