CCM services

Chronic Care Management Revenue Calculator

Medicare Part B CPT codes 99490, 99487. 99489 and G0507 give you the opportunity to get reimbursed by approximately $42-180 per patient, per month for CCM services, with a significant portion dropping to your bottom line. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your practice revenue, and improve the health of your patients.

What’s your CCM revenue potential?
To calculate your practice’s potential revenue for CCM, simply enter the number of Medicare patients within your practice in the box below.

Number of Medicare patients
 Patients with 2+ chronic conditions x 75%
 CCM eligible patients 600
 Monthly payment per person $67*
 Months x 12
 Potential revenue $482,400.00

*assumes reimbursement at national averages with a mix of 20% of patients receiving complex CCM and Behavioral Health services.