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Importance of Search Engine Optimization

September 11, 2012

What is Search Engine Optimization? It is the method of analyzing and constructing individual web pages, as well as entire sites, so that they can be discovered, analyzed, and then indexed by various search engines. Everyone knows that search engine optimization should be a vital part of any online marketing strategy, but is it more important than paid search? Yes it is. SEO can help make the content on your web page become more relevant, attractive and easier to read by search engines. The process is used to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website from search engines. According to various studies, most people prefer to click on organic search results rather than sponsored results, by a wide margin. Jupiter Media, now WebMediaBrands, reported 80 percent of internet users start off in search engines before they can buy a product or service online.

Importance of updating your website.

August 23, 2012

Having a website is an important part of any type of company, especially a medical practice. A website can be an incredible tool for you to distribute your information and to market your practice to a local or worldwide audience. Websites are quicker, easier and more cost-effective to update than print based media. A medical website can be a huge integral part of your practice’s promotional and marketing strategy. A website can advertise and publicize on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Changes to the website are much easier than conventional print based media, as well as cheaper. Your medical website can also be updated with news pertaining to your practice in an instance, as well as saving you money.

With websites constant maintenance is necessary and keeping your website up-to-date is a must. With fresh and new information being added regularly, it keeps your visitors interested and anxious to see what new information you provide them with. Do not limit your website to a static, dull and stale presentation, especially with a medical practice. Spend some time and resources to make sure your website maintains “freshness”, usefulness and some relevancy so you can reap in the benefits. Another big factor with websites is that the web browsers are constantly updating and changing, as should your website. Keeping your website up-to-date with the new technology is important. Your website should be refined to meet the increasing demands of your audience and patients. The more features you add to your site to keep it organized and update will certainly help you from dying out.

June 11, 2012

Medical transcriptionists often work on the periphery of the delivery system of health care and have little to do with direct patient care. However, the documentation of health care in which medical transcription is one of the most important in this industry.

Medical Transcription – Why is it important?

There are several reasons why MT is an important area in health care. Some of them are:

First For physicians and other providers of primary health care, the importance of accurate medical documentation can not be overstated. For physicians treating patients, medical records are a way to help the current situation, decide on the duration of treatment and also take steps to follow in case of recurrence or development of complications.

Second It is not necessary that the patient is treated by a physician. Providers from different disciplines of medicine may be involved in the provision of treatment of a patient. Help in this regard, patient records prepared by medical transcriptionists doctors involved in the interdisciplinary treatment of patients in order to communicate with each other. It facilitates the flow of information from one doctor to another if proper diagnosis and treatment plan can be arrived at.

Third Medical records should be the means of giving instructions for care and other support staff, how to treat the patient in question, to administer the drug to observe warning signs, take samples, extra, etc.

4th Hospitals and other care facilities are required by law to receive appropriate medical records. It serves as an important piece of paper if there is a legal network at any point in time.

5th Patient data are also the basis on which health insurance are calculated and health care providers are paid for their services.

Importance of accurate medical transcription

Not only is it important that any medical procedures are properly recorded and documented, but also to get one hundred percent accuracy at all times maintained. Without accurate documentation, health care could be compromised and the patient may be at risk.

Provide for the standard of care for patients, there can be no compromise on the accuracy of medical reports. Accuracy of patient records should be maintained for proper billing and trouble.

To provide a precise and accurate reports, we have great expertise in medical transcription. Needless to say, make the understanding and putting into context medical language not a job for an untrained mind and a mistake can be catastrophic.

Becoming a Medical Records and Health Information Technician

June 4, 2012

Every medical disease, condition, and procedure is assigned a numerical code intended for use in medical billing. Medical records and health information technicians are needed to organize and manage such health insurance information and patient data, and ensure its accuracy and security. Needless to say, the job of a medical technician can become complicated quickly.

The key to productivity in this job field is organization. Information must be filed appropriately (and it must not be too difficult to effectively do so) in order to ensure an easy look-up process. That is why finding the right medical billing system to manage your information is such an important component to being a successful technician.

It is necessary to acknowledge all of all your responsibilities as a medical billing and coding specialist. Besides being educated and aware of insurance policies and claims, you must be up-to-date on recently modified information. This requires double-checking information to be sure it is still in effect. Also, a technician needs to remember the confidentiality code that should always be maintained. Patient financial and medical information should never be disclosed to third parties.

With the right billing system available to help you keep and record data, enough knowledge of the field, and motivation to be organized and responsible, you can be a successful medical billing technician. There are many individuals thriving in the job field currently, and this amount is likely to rise. In fact, the rate of employment for billing specialists is expected to increase at a much faster rate than averages for other occupations from now until 2020.

The Way of the Future

May 29, 2012

The internet has become a powerful tool in the ways of marketing. In order to attract and keep customers on your website it must look professional and must be well made. A cheap website with broken links and an unattractive design will deter customers from using your services because it lacks a professional appeal. We create inexpensive websites that are custom made for the client so you know your website is unique. We also can host the websites we create for you and provide a content management system that lets you change the contents of the website yourself. Once the website is created you can utilize popular search engines like Google to drive traffic to your website using our search Media Optimization services (SMO). SMO helps get your website closer to the top of the search results of Google and other search engines. Once your website is created you can start incorporating the use of popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to expand your reach and bring in new clients. Both Facebook and Twitter can help you climb the ladder of the Google search results while also letting you keep in touch with your clients. By using all of these tools that the internet gives you, you can better market yourself and grow as a business.

As a profession

May 14, 2012

An individual who performs medical transcription is known as a medical transcriptionist or an MT. An MT is also known as a Medical Language Specialist or MLS. The equipment the MT uses is called a medical transcriber. The individual who performs medical transcription should always be called a "medical transcriptionist." A medical transcriptionist is the person responsible for converting the patient's medical records into text from recorded dictation. The term transcriber describes the electronic equipment used in performing medical transcription, e.g., a cassette player with foot controls operated by the MT for report playback and transcription. There have been industry discussions centered around whether or not medical transcriptionists should be called something else; no other industry-wide term has been adopted

As of March 7, 2006, the MT occupation became an eligible U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship, a 2-year program focusing on acute care facility (hospital) work. In May 2004, a pilot program for Vermont residents was initiated, with 737 applicants for only 20 classroom pilot-program openings. The objective was to train the applicants as MTs in a shorter time period.

Keys to choosing a medical billing company for your practice

April 23, 2012

While many companies make claims that they are the “best” billing company for all practices. EBIO-METRONICS takes the approach that every company, the same as each medical practice, is unique in it’s own ways and that the two must match one another to properly achieve the most effective outcomes. From management perspectives to operational procedures, customer support and system offerings, there are a many differences to think about. We suggest making sure that the company you're considering matches your desires in the following areas:

1- Ability to maximize revenues

Sure, all billing services say they will maximize revenues, but how confident are you currently that the companies you are considering can actually do it? Take every function of the billing process along with the individuals who perform the work into consideration.

2- Follow-up Protocols

This might seem just like the above, however it is crucial (in our opinion) which it deserves its own category. How do they perform insurance and patient follow-up functions, and how in-line are these processes with your ideal expectations?

3- Stability and Size

Consider the entire spectrum and everything in between. Are you coping with “mom and pop” shop and the associated risks? Are you better suited by the opposite end of the spectrum? Is the company susceptible to the whims of venture capitalists and investors? Are they profitable? Could they be going to be around to serve you in the long run? No answer is right or wrong, but they have to be when compared with your expectations and desires.

4- Systems

While the ability to maximize revenue is most important, it's also wise to select a company that provides you with a practice management system that comfortably suits your needs in a number of methods like appointment scheduling, transfer of data, patient tracking, and reporting. Systems ought to be highly accessible, user-friendly, and also have very high level functionality. You may even want to make certain the system provided can seamlessly work hand-in-hand with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems both now and in the near future.

5- Internal Structure

The internal structure with the organization should be conducive to both maximizing reimbursement and also to customer satisfaction. Determine when they use billing “assembly lines”, or if perhaps they have a one-on-one or small team approach. Ensure the company structure is sensible to you and meets your expectations.

6- Level of Experience

It is essential to note not only the expertise of the organization, but also the experience levels of the actual specialists, supervisors, and managers who'll focus on your account.

7- Billing Service Internal Procedures

You can often tell a great deal about a billing company by their internal procedures and protocols. Believe it or not, many don’t have. Ask what type of quality control initiatives they have in position. See if these initiatives are formalized.

8- Customer Service

There isn't a salesperson in the world who won’t tell you that the company they represent has the best customer service. So dig deeper. Inquire about policies. Talk with references. Most importantly, make sure the structure with the company doesn't hinder your accessibility specialists who actually perform work on your behalf.

9- Transparency

Make sure that data regarding billing can be obtained to you personally at all times. This means charge data, payments, outstanding claims, user notes and follow-up detail should basically be several clicks away. This degree of transparency ensures that you can audit your billing service and keep complete control over your practice.

10- Redundancy

Outsourcing your billing to an outside service can have the additional benefit of developing a level of billing redundancy to make sure your revenue cycle stays on the right track and generating maximum income. But don’t take this for granted. Investigate levels of personnel redundancy to make sure that your billing remains processed properly without delay if a specialist leaves unexpectedly. Also look into redundancy related to the company’s computer systems.

11- HIPAA and OIG Compliancy

Make sure that your billing service has a formal and proper HIPAA and OIG compliance policy. This is crucial in ensuring security for both you and your patients.

12- Patient Relations

Different billing companies treat patient billing and calls in a different way. Look into the procedures and tactics used to collect payment from your valued patients. They need to but not only be effective, but should also reflect the manner in which you would like your patients treated.

13- Workflow Changes

Consider if your practice will have to totally alter the way you function simply to accommodate your billing service, or if they may be prepared to work together with how you operate. A billing company should have options which integrate seamlessly together with your practice’s processes and not require significant change or realignment.

14- Cost

What's the overall cost? Look at the details. What is included and what's buried within the small print? Are things like software, training and postage included? Are there startup fees or any hidden costs? Do fees seem exorbitant or possibly even too good to be true? Sometimes you get what you pay for (whether positive or negative). Ensure that you compare apples to apples. What good would it be if you pay a billing service 2% less, but collect 10% less revenue?


At EBIO-METRONICS, we believe in long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our medical practice clients. And that starts by making sure we are the correct match for your practice. Please do not hesitate to contact us right now to find out how our answers stack up.

Ask the hard questions. Narrow the field.

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Electronic Billing Process

April 2012

A practice which has interactions with the patient must now under HIPAA send most billing claims for services via electronic means. Prior to actually performing service and billing a patient, the concern provider might use software to determine the eligibility of the patient with the intended services with the patient's insurance company. This method uses the identical standards and technologies for an electronic claims transmission with small changes for the transmission format, this format is known specifically as X12-270 Health Care Eligibility & Benefit Inquiry transaction. A response to an eligibility request is returned by the payer via a direct electronic connection or more commonly the website. This is known as an X12-271 "Health Care Eligibility & Benefit Response" transaction. Most practice management/EM software will automate this transmission, hiding the procedure through the user.

This first transaction for a claim for services is well known technically as X12-837 or ANSI-837. This contains a great deal of data concerning the provider interaction as well as reference details about the practice and the patient. After that submission, the payer will respond with an X12-997, simply acknowledging how the claim's submission was received which it was accepted for more processing. Once the claim(s) have been adjudicated through the payer, the payer will ultimately respond that has a X12-835 transaction, which shows the line-items from the claim that is going to be paid or denied; if paid, the amount; and if denied, the key reason why.

EBIO-METRONICS got Certified with ONC-ATCB for Meaningful Use:

March 2011

EBIO-METRONICS, which is a complete EMR & PM system, recently got ONC-ATCB Certified by INFOGARD LABORATORIES. Not only that EBIO-METRONICS is simple and cost effective but is also fulfilling the meaningful use criteria for its user for HITECH stimulus money.


On September 17, 2010, InfoGard Laboratories was approved as an ONC Authorized Test and Certification Body (ATCB) to test and certify EHR software under the approval and guidelines of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for the Centers for MEDICARE & MEDICAID Services (CMS) Stage 1 Meaningful Use Incentive Program.