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Why Choose Ebio-Metronics Medical Billing

Ebiometronics Medical Billing Services is located in Arizona, USA. We are a unique medical billing company that is fully focused on your business and provides complete solution for billing to help you in getting payment faster. Ebiometronics is focused on our sole mission: “To improve your revenue and cash flow by collecting the maximum payment for your practice in the most secure and cost effective manner”.

We Provides you:

  • The Best Solution for Medical Billing that includes various services like an EMR, insurance verification, patient collection, data entry and all patient calls. With Ebiometronics medical billing company, you will always know how much you are making and from where it is coming
  • We offer Efficient Medical Billing Process that eliminates the chances of errors through the system. We at Ebiometronics initially determine your claims before submitting it to insurance companies. We know what to do and how to do before the claims are sent to the payers
  • We give full Assurance of Quality Results that offers full transparency and do not leave you with doubts regarding our strategies and process of billing
  • At Ebiometronics, Best Technology is used to process your claim in most protected and cost effective way. We believe in digitizing health care industry by using the top-notch technology and software to fulfill all your needs and getting payment fully and promptly
  • Reporting on regular basis helps in keep you up dated regarding the actual working status of your claim. You get all details about how everything is going on
  • Ebiometronics fully meets the requirements of HIPAA, medical coding and auditing records. We are fully Compliance with HIPAA act and other federal rules and guidelines
  • Extensive Experience in the field of medicine, business, and technology to provide quality medical billing services along with medical transcription services and many more

Ebiometronics Medical Billing Services is a leading medical billing company that offers medical billing services, medical transcription services, medical website design and online marketing for physicians.

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