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Ebio Metronics Medical Billing Services for Multiple Specialties

Outsourcing Medical Billing services have become a common practice for the physicians or healthcare organizations these days. Healthcare organizations are seeking the support of reputed, reliable and trusted medical billing partners that will not only reduce their workload but also help them in getting payment faster for the rendered services. With years of industry experience in the field of medical billing and coding, Ebio-Metronics can handle all aspects of your billing and coding services.

At Ebio-Metronics, we focus on our accuracy level and follow all the underlined guidelines to submit medical claims without any errors. By outsourcing your billing services you can focus on your core responsibilities, increase your revenue and decrease claim denials in a very cost effective and secure manner.

We have experience in providing medical billing and coding services to several specialties including:

  1. Pediatrics
  2. Cardiology
  3. Internal Medicine
  4. Family Medicine
  5. Neurology
  6. Infectious Disease
  7. Surgery
  8. Oncology
  9. Gastroenterology
  10. Rheumatology
  11. Pulmonary
  12. ENT
  13. Nephrology
  14. Endocrinology
  15. Diagnostic-Services and so on.

Our professionals are well trained and certified in medical billing-coding field and have extensive knowledge and experience with HIPAA and other federal rules and guidelines. As Ebio-Metronics is one of the recognized medical billing companies in US, we offer customized medical billing services to meet all the requirements of our clients.

For more information you can Contact Us at 1-877-818-EBIO(3246)

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