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Be careful Before Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing Medical Billing Services is definitely a good decision but before outsourcing you must be careful about company’s reliability and transparency. Make sure that your medical billing company is certified and has a team of experts that are well trained and specialized. Before outsourcing your billing services to a company ask these questions:

  1. What experience does the service providers have?
  2. Does the company have experience and expertise on your specialty?
  3. What kind of training the staff of company do have?
  4. What procedure and strategy they use to provide a secure medium for information access?
  5. What are the processes and technical capabilities of the company?
  6. Does company provide financial reporting?
  7. How is the company’s follow up practices and results?
  8. Overall cost?

The most crucial thing is the process of the collections. You must inquire- "Does your medical billing company compares your payments to your allowable or not?" Medical Billing Services observe payment data and related patterns across many clients for many payers. This allows spotting all patterns that a practice might miss. We at Ebio-Metronics Medical Billing Services usually see underpayment or denials of claims by their payers. We thoroughly look across our various clients and see the same CPTs being poorly paid by same payer in a particular month. Such under payments of claims becomes a big loss for health care practices. Comparison of payments with allowable merely increases collections of a medical practice. Make sure that your medical billing company performs this action systematically.

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